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About The Book, Book Festival 11th of March

I am so excited to be taking part in the ABOUT THE BOOK festival in Merimbula on the 11th of March, 2017. About The Book is a celebration of all aspects of books; those who read, make, design, create and repurpose them. For one day, About the Book festival will host talks, displays, stalls workshops demonstrations and storytelling throughout the town of Merimbul...

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I’m Launching An eBook!

I was diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenia when I was 22 years old.  I struggled to read dense medical journals and scholarly articles to learn more about ITP.  What was missing from the ITP conversation was information from other patients, about what immune thrombocytopenia was really like. In 2012, I set up ITPANDME.  Three years later, it’s one of the ...

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Blogging, A Discussion Panel at the Emerging Writers Festival

This year I will be participating in the National Writers Conference as part of the 12th Emerging Writers Festival. On Sunday the 31st of May I will be joining Sam van Zweeden, Michelle McLaren in the Yarra Room of the Melbourne Town Hall to discuss blogging. (more…)

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Emerging Writers Festival Blogging Partner!

The 2014 Emerging Writers Festival will be held in Melbourne over the weekend - And Meghan Brewster will be there! 'Our successful applicants for the EWF Blogger Call Out were just announced on the site! We're so excited we had to use two gifs.' Meghan Brewster will be one of the official Blogging Partners of the 2014 Emerging Writers Festival. Meghan Brewster ...

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Becoming a Blogger – Workshop

  2 Hour Blogging Workshop Meghan Brewster is a writer and blogger.  In 2012 she founded ITP & Me – A support website and blog for patients with the rare auto immune disorder 'Immune Thrombocytopenia'.  She is the founder and current editor of Manuscrapped, formerly The Emerging Writers Diary. Meghan has just returned from Melbourne where she was ...

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