Autumn news, It’s been a long time

It has been a long time, I know.

Things have been incredibly busy down here in the home office!  The weather is getting cooler here in New South Wales, which means one thing, it’s almost Writers Festival season.

Meghan Brewster, blog, blogging, australian authors, female writer, female author list, emerging writer, meghan brewster writer, In May I’ll be traveling north to the SYDNEY WRITERS FESTIVAL.  I’m thrilled to have tickets to see Richard Flanagan, Helen Garner, and Anne Buist & Graeme Simsion.  Ever since I read Joe Cinque’s Consolation I have been fascinated and haunted by Helen Garner. It was such an incredible documentation of darkness.

Last year the Sydney Writers Festival overwhelmed me but this time, I’m prepared.  I’ll also be backing it up by heading straight to the EMERGING WRITERS FESTIVAL in Melbourne.  Not only as a keen writing fangirl but as a speaker as well.

I often feel like I take too much from festivals, that I try and harness some kind of energy there, ask too much of the speakers, wanting them to give me something of themselves I can take home.  This time I have the opportunity to give something of myself in return for all the amazing things I will take from the week.

blogging, australian authors, young authors, author, female writer, female writer australian, female authors, female authors list, young writers, emerging writers, meghan brewster, meghan brewster mediaRecently I was INTERVIEWED by the ITP Patient Magazine from Health Monitor about living with ITP.  I feel very lucky to be in a position to be able to raise awareness about ITP and help shed some light on this strange autoimmune disease.

The diagnosis rate in Australia is on the rise and we are still coming to terms with a number of sudden deaths in the community.  Now more than ever I am glad to be able to help people with ITP in any way that I can.

Which brings me to the book I am working on at the moment…

What am I working on?

meghan brewster, how to heal a bruise, itp story, itp books, books about itp, itp blogI am in the final stages of a non fiction ebook, HOW TO HEAL A BRUISE, which will be released in conjunction with my blog ITP and Me.  How to Heal a Bruise is a collection of popular ITP articles, as well as details from my personal journey with ITP and interviews with other patients.  How to Heal a bruise will also include some of the latest ITP research and advice for living a life with ITP.

How to Heal a Bruise, will be out (fingers crossed!) in October 2015.

It is giving me a much needed break from working on my first fiction novel.  At the moment I am between drafts.  Set in Australia in the very near future, the manuscript is quickly turning into a monster piece of writing that threatens to consume me.  Plans at the moment will see it released early in 2016.

What am I Reading?

April has seen me reading THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough.  I am just about to finish HOW PROUST CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE by Alain de Botton and am looking forward to starting CLADE by James Bradley soon after.

Let me know if anyone will be heading to the Sydney or Emerging Writers festival this year.  Would be great to see you guys there!

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