Blogging, A Discussion Panel at the Emerging Writers Festival

This year I will be participating in the National Writers Conference as part of the 12th Emerging Writers Festival.

Books, ebooks, books online, book, gift ideas, buy books online, free ebooks, ebooks online, emerging writer, emerging writers.On Sunday the 31st of May I will be joining Sam van Zweeden, Michelle McLaren in the Yarra Room of the Melbourne Town Hall to discuss blogging.

Sunday 2pm
Reading and writing is changing, with more
works online than ever before. Are bloggers
really the pioneers of online publishing? What
are the advantages of publishing your own
work and how can you form a successful
and enduring platform? Featuring Sam van
Zweeden, Michelle McLaren and
Meghan Brewster.

The intimate atmosphere of the Yarra Room will allow for a more personal discussion and conversation in which everyone will be encouraged to add their voice.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival 2015will run from Tuesday May 26 to Friday June 5.  TICKET INFORMATION & SALES.

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