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Critical Reading

I recently started to review works of fiction.  I know that I am probably not qualified to be writing reviews of other books yet, but I it seems like the best way to improve.  This is how we grow.  

Reading critically makes me a better writer, thinking about books more critically makes me a better writer and reviewing other books, within and outside of my preferred reading list makes me a better writer.

THIS HOUSE OF GRIEF, by Helen Garner

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, by Paula Hawkins

THE LAKE HOUSE, by Kate Morton

THE WORLD WITHOUT US, by Mireille Juchau

RUSH OH! by Shirley Barrett

THE ROSIE PROJECT, by Graeme Simsion

THE WATERFOWL ARE DRUNK!, by Kate Liston-Mills

BURIAL RITES, by Hannah Kent

BREATH by Tim Winton

THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough

CLADE, by James Bradley

THE STRAYS, by Emily Bitto

AMAZING BABES, Eliza Sarlo and Grace Lee

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