man·u·scrapped  [man-yuh-skrapt]


  1. the original text of an author’s work, handwritten or typed, that should never be submitted to a publisher, friend, family member or human being.
  2. a book or document written before the invention of style, grammar and plot.
  3. a website for Emerging Writers 
  1. denotes the state of the written work immediately after being thrown away.

history & origin

[2014;  from Medieval Latin manūscroicio,  from the Latin manus  hand + proicio to adandon]

Meg is the Founder and Editor of Manuscrapped dot com is a project that emerged from the popularity and interest in The Emerging Writers Diary.  As the Emerging Writers Diary grew, we realised that there was a need to go bigger and better than before.  Thus  Manuscrapped was formed.


  •  Manuscrapped is focused on providing for the specific needs of Emerging Writers.
  • All the contributors are Emerging Writers sharing their experience and wisdom (as they obtain it)
  • Articles to help you self publish, write full time and craft your next (first) novel.
  • Event updates and News from the writing community.
  • Motivation and support for writers at the very beginning of their career.

Manuscrapped is all about committing to the writing community and life, despite what everyone else thinks or does.  About writing the same work over and over and over again, scrapping your stuff and setting out once more till you have it.

Manuscrapped is proudly sponsored by Vision Systems.


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